Your Life Purpose Might Not Be a Paying One

Something I try to remember is that my life purpose/calling might not be a paying venture. And when I say life purpose, I don’t mean the societally-created purpose you’re supposed to find for yourself, the hidden reason you’re on the earth (that coincidentally is always financially profitable), the one you’re supposed to spend your teenage years/ young adulthood searching for if you ever want fulfillment or satisfaction (or a consistent roof over your head). No, I’m talking the purpose you create for yourself based on your intimate self-knowledge, self-love, and self-understanding. I’m learning what excites, motivates, and stirs me might not pay me. What I’m the best at, where my strengths and abilities lie, might not be considered marketable, and therefore won’t pay me. I’m learning the millennia-old spark that magnifies purpose and belonging in each person’s heart is completely separate from the few-hundred-years’ old concept of capitalism. So if what I do for pay doesn’t necessarily speak to who I am, it’s all right. It’s not meant to speak to who I am or reflect who I am. Its purpose is much more humble.