My Favorite Dishes at My Favorite Chain Restaurants

What are your favorite dishes at your favorite chain restaurants? I thought I’d share mine with you. I know I like to look up ratings and reviews of dishes before I try a new dish or even before I try a new restaurant. Although it might not be the highest quality, healthiest, or fanciest fare, it’s convenient, cheap(ish), and dependable. So here goes:

1. Cheesecake Factory’s Cajun Jambalaya Pasta: I haven’t cared for other pasta dishes I’ve tried here, but the linguini pasta is cooked perfectly, and the spicy kick is just right. The peppers and onions pair perfectly.

2. Olive Garden’s Chicken and Gnocchi Soup: It’s creamy, filling, and something different than all the marinara and tomato sauce-based options.

3. Chili’s Steak Fajitas: The steak is quality, and the tortillas come hot.

4. Outback Steakhouse’s Coconut Shrimp with Orange Chili Dipping Sauce: The shrimp is crispy and coconutty, and the sauce is slightly sweet, slightly sour, with a tropical twist.

5. Cracker Barrel’s Sunday Homestyle Chicken: Per the name, only available Sunday, these chicken breasts are fried to perfection, juicy on the inside, crunchy on the outside.

6. P.F. Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps: Healthier than some of the other options, while not sacrificing taste. The lettuce wraps offer crunch, and the chicken filling is similar to that of an egg roll.

7. On the Border’s Grande Taco Salad with Beef and Avocado Ranch: I love that this salad includes cabbage. The ground beef is quality, and this is a very filling salad you can eat as an entree.

8. Panera Bread’s Vegetarian Autumn Squash Soup: It’s slightly sweet, slightly savory, thick and definitely enough for a meal, especially paired with fresh-baked bread.

9. Firebird’s Meatloaf: While meatloaf is not usually on the top of anyone’s list, this dish is delicious. The meat is tender, made of Kobe beef, and the sauce paired with it tastes wonderful.

10. Red Robin’s Gourmet Cheeseburger with Cheddar Cheese: Fresh, full of toppings, including pickle relish, and almost too big to bite. Not your average fast food burger.

What are your picks?

100 of My Favorite Things (in No Specific Order)

1. Receiving a genuine compliment

2. Giving a genuine compliment

3. The smell of gasoline

4. Classic gothic novels

5. Poetry

6. Film noir

7. Freshly-washed bedding

8. After-exercise high

9. Long, hot showers

10. Horses

11. Dental hygiene cleanings

12. Trying new things

13. The ocean

14. Burnt orange

15. Musicals

16. Plaid

17. Classic Disney

18. Plays

19. Museums

20. Philosophy

21. Libraries

22. Thrift shopping

23. Reminiscing

24. Deep conversations

25. Fireplaces in bedrooms

26. Swimming

27. Waking up/getting to bed early

28. Watching one of my favorite movies with someone who hasn’t seen it yet

29. Patchwork quilts

30 Farmers’ markets

31. Taking drives

32. Daydreaming

33. Chilly room/warm bed

34. Massages

35. Linen

36. Burnt velvet

37. History

38. Antique shops

39. Movies set in one location


41. Traveling

42. My Bluetooth headphones/eye mask for sleeping

43. My oil diffuser

44. Adjustable sterling silver bracelet my mom bought me for Christmas

45. Earth tones

46. Fruit and vegetable gardens

47. Simplicity

48. Sound of a fan while sleeping

49. Clean, uncluttered, open spaces

50. Handwritten letters/stationery

51. Untouched snow blankets

52. Scrabble

53. The smell of bonfires in the fall

54. Thin, scratchy washcloths

55. Morkies

56. The satisfaction of a job well done

57. Nature walks

58. White water rafting

59. Outdoor amphitheaters

60. Dreaming of/planning for the future

61. Enjoying the present moment

62. Candles

63. Frozen berries

64. Hammocks

65. Starry night sky

66. Porcelain dolls

67. Beach-themed decor

68. Alkaline (high pH) water

69. Parks

70. Freshly-polished nails

71. Wicker baskets

72. Cedar chests

73. Canopy beds

74. Painting canvases

75. Minimalism

76. Crossword puzzles

77. Discovering money-saving tricks

78. Crafting

79. Playing with makeup

80. Third stories with slanted ceilings and exposed beams

81. French horror films

82. Spanish mystery films

83. Humanistic psychology

84. Garage/estate sales

85. Meditation

86. My iPhone

87. Poetry readings

88. Writing

89. Bath and Body Works warm vanilla scent

90. Halloween

91. Pixie cuts

92. Peel-off face masks

93. Chicago-style pizza

94. My Oral B electric toothbrush

95. Getting a pedicure

96. Frontloading work and having the rest of the day to do what I want

97. Elastic waistbands

98. Thunderstorms

99. The smell of bread baking

100. Learning

What are some of your favorite things?