The Congruence of My Values

Does it depress anybody else to think about the fact there is no way to completely stop supporting end-stage capitalism/corporatism? That often your values contradict each other, creating a catch-22 situation? Take floss as an example. I’m picking floss because it’s a basic need that can’t easily be substituted. If I buy it locally and inexpensively, it most likely will be from a big corporation like Walmart, who receives corporate welfare from tax payers and sells cheap and low-quality items made by people working in horrible conditions. If I buy it locally from a small-scale seller, it will most likely be overpriced, and unfortunately, I’m not in the place financially where money isn’t an issue. If I buy it from a small-scale seller online, it might be cheaper, but also leave a much bigger footprint, packaged in cardboard and plastic, shipped to me via dirty fuel sources such as a plane, truck, or train. I could buy a bunch of floss at one time so less packaging is used for shipping, but then I’d be cluttering my home with excess items, belying my desire for clean, minimalistic spaces. So how do I faithfully adhere to fighting corporate greed, not overspending, and being eco-conscious? It feels impossible. I don’t know what the answer is. And now I’m realizing I’m writing this post using a smart phone which was probably made using resources pillaged from developing countries and perhaps even using child labor. And “do my best” just feels hollow. It makes me feel weak, unintelligent, and unresourceful. I end up quickly becoming discouraged and saying, “You know what, screw it. I’ll do what’s easiest.” Does anybody else feel the same way, and how do you find peace with the decisions you make and the ways you order your priorities?