Things that Annoy Me About the Interviewing Process

Here are some things that annoy me about the interviewing process:

Asking for your expected rate of pay when the pay rate is already clearly stated in the job description, instead of saying, “So is $x/hour okay with you?”

Rescheduling interviews or not showing up for an interview — this makes them seem disorganized and rude, and a job candidate would never get away with it.

Asking my current salary — this should have nothing to do with how much they will pay me for the new position, including the new duties I will take on and the experience I will be bringing with me. Also, it further hurts those who have crappy employers who never give raises. I’m glad to see some states have outlawed this practice, and I hope it spreads.

Not knowing whether to say I want to move up or not — some employers see ambition in a low-level employee as threatening. They worry you will want their job or will not be content in the entry-level role for which they hire you. Other employers want to hear that you are looking to stay with the company and are excited about promotions.

Asking you why you want to leave current position or why you’ve left a past position— This is yet another possible minefield. Many people leave bad bosses/managers, not necessarily bad jobs. You’re never supposed to speak negatively about a former boss, so it’s basically backing you into a corner where you’re forced to lie.

Not telling me the next steps — It’s not fun to have to guess whether they are still interested in you or how many more interviews they will be in the hiring process. You might have gotten offers from other employers in the meantime and don’t know how much time you have to make a decision.

What are some issues that annoy you about the interviewing process or job searching, in general?

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