Working from Home

Has anyone else decided they’re basically refusing to return to an office to do work that can easily be done at home? I currently work at home due to Covid, but they’re talking about bringing us back into the site this summer. We have all successfully been working at home since March/April 2020, and it’s patently obvious now that a job site is not needed for this type of work. I have recently been applying to only permanently-remote positions. I really hope that one positive thing to come out of Covid is employers feeling intense pressure to offer remote jobs in situations where the kind of work done can easily be done remotely. There are so many perks to working from home, and I must say I feel it’s spiteful to require us to return to the site just because it’s traditionally been done that way, especially when the higher-ups making these decisions probably get to do most of their work from home, anyway. I’ve also noticed that the people saying they want to return talk about being lonely and wanting the opportunity to socialize. I feel like they should be the only ones who return, not those of us who are thriving and doing a good job working from home and do not see our jobs as necessary to meet our socialization and emotional needs.

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