My Favorite YouTube Channels

Are there any YouTube channels you guys like to follow? I enjoy a broad range and have some favorites. Without further ado, they are:

VagabondSteve — Steve is a life coach who has been making videos for about 13 years. I’ve been watching him since 2010 and really appreciate his wisdom, insight, and worldview.

Special Books by Special Kids — This channel is run by Chris Ulmer, a former special education teacher. He posts interviews he conducts with people who have a variety of disorders and diseases.

ASMRrequests — I’ve been watching Ally since 2013, when I first was introduced to ASMR. She was one of the first ASMRtists and obviously puts a lot of time and effort into her videos and the results are amazing. While she hasn’t posted in over a year, there are plenty of videos on her channel to enjoy.

Exploring Alternatives — This channel is run by Mat and Danielle and features “people who are living in tiny houses, vans, RV’s, and boats; and people who are exploring long-term travel, minimalism, zero waste living, off-grid living, and more.” An intriguing and inspiring look into the ways other people live and the possibilities for change.

Kirsten Dirksen — Similar to the last channel, here you’ll find featured “videos about simple living, self- sufficiency, small (and tiny) homes, backyard gardens (and livestock), alternative transport, DIY, craftsmanship, and philosophies of life.”

Soft White Underbelly — photographer Mark Laita conducts interviews with people who are often ignored, shunned, and/or misunderstood by society, such as prostitutes, pimps, drug addicts, white collar criminals, homeless people, transgender people, Appalachian Mountain dwellers, gang members, and others.

Pursuit of Wonder — This channel’s purpose, as the name suggests, is to spark wonder, broaden people’s minds, and advocate for positive mental health.

Button Poetry — I really enjoy slam poetry/spoken word poetry. If you do, too, this channel has consistently high-quality offerings from some very talented artists.

JCS – Criminal Psychology — This channel offers police interrogation videos of the accused in custody, edited with narrative overlaid by the channel owner. This allows for insight into the forensic psychology techniques and theories at play, offering context and understanding beyond what is happening on the surface. Very gripping content.

Modern History TV — Jason Kingsley, the “Modern Knight”, examines in-depth what it was like to live in the Middle Ages.

Townsends — This eponymous channel covers everything Colonial America-related. The Townsend family has a store in Indiana that carries replicas of common Colonial America items, and they started making related YouTube videos in 2008. The channel includes a lot of recipes as well as re-enactments.

CheapRVLiving — Bob Wells posts videos on vehicle living and nomadic lifestyles, including reviewing products and conducting interviews with fellow vehicle-dwellers.

Better Ideas — This channel posts videos on mental health and self-improvement topics. The editing is top-notch and the videos thought-provoking.

I’d love to hear who your favorite Youtubers are and why you love them!

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