Thoughtful, Minimalistic Holiday Gift Ideas

Even as a minimalist, it’s hard not to get caught up in the spirit of gift-giving that permeates the Holiday season. But what do you do when you don’t want to spend money on meaningless stuff as a way to show somebody you care? Fortunately, there are a lot of thoughtful, minimalistic gifts you can give to friends and family.

Experiences are great gifts to give. These include gift certificates for salon or massage therapy services, tickets to a concert or a theme park, or a day filled with hiking, skydiving, rock climbing, etc. Whenever they think about the fun day they had, they will remember you. And they won’t have to store, clean, or take the gift with them when they move.

You can offer to perform a certain service for them, such as babysitting for a day or cleaning their house. You’re offering your labor and time instead of money you would have spent on a physical gift. This is an incredibly thoughtful gift because they know you can always make more money but will never get that time back.

You can make them a gift, such as a craft, recipe, letter, poem, photo collage, scrapbook, or homemade video. This is a very thoughtful gift because it takes creativity, time, and a personal touch to come together. These gifts tend to elicit warm feelings towards the giver and create cherished memories.

You can find them the perfect gift on a freebie site. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, and the internet allows people to advertise the possessions they don’t want anymore. You might find just what they need/want, perhaps something that is not being carried by stores any longer.

You can donate to a charity in their name. This is a very thoughtful gift that allows you to spend on a worthwhile cause while honoring their passions and principles, allowing everybody involved to benefit.

Some of the most memorable gifts I have ever received have been non-monetary and had a personal touch involved. Instead of simply aiming to cross your loved ones’ names off a list by buying them something generic from a department store, experiment this season with giving thoughtful, creative, personal gifts. It will be easier on your wallet, get your creative juices flowing, and prove far more fulfilling.

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