When Your Goals Sabotage You

Do you allow your goals to sabotage you? I do often. Have you ever written a list of your goals, some easier, some much harder? I have. As you tick off the list, you notice that one or two of your goals are never any closer to being achieved because you are focusing on the easier goals? Once again, same here. And it’s usually the harder goals that are the most important? For me, always. It’s easy to rationalize and make yourself feel better when you’re reaching some goals, even if they’re the far-less-important ones. For instance, you might be putting off starting an exercise regimen. You’re currently a couch potato and know it’s imperative for your health that you exercise every day. You haven’t even started. You’re no closer to starting a daily exercise regimen than when you decided to start one. However, you assuage your guilt by telling yourself you got all those piles of laundry done today. The lesson is not to allow smaller, less important goals to sideline you from working on the more important ones. This is something I struggle with constantly and am struggling with right now. The ego boost from achieving small goals can honestly carry me for long enough to put off the bigger, more important goal for the rest of the day. How do other people deal with this? I’d appreciate some pointers!

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