How Do I Find Books to Read?

As a book-lover, I am constantly on the hunt for books to read. But with all the books in print today, how do I find ones that appeal to me and are worthy of my time and attention?

First, I read books that some of my favorite authors have either recommended, cited in their own work, or said have inspired their own work. Chances are higher I will enjoy this unknown (to me) author’s work because of my favorite author’s vouching for them.

Second, I read other books from my favorite authors. Some authors stick with a certain genre, some don’t. But an author usually writes in the same style, giving some assurance I’ll enjoy other works of theirs.

Third, I Google topics I’m interested in learning more about or simply enjoy and I have Google recommend books to me. I then check their ratings and reviews on Goodreads to see what other readers have to say about them.

Fourth, I check my hometown library’s web site to see which books the employees are recommending. I figure they come across a lot of books and many are book aficionados and so if they’re recommending one as stand-out, it’s probably worth giving it a try.

Fifth, sometimes I will be reading a news article on a topic that interests me, and the writer will cite a book as a resource used in their research. I then see if my local library carries that book.

Sixth, I tend to avoid highly-prolific, famous authors, while seeking out Nobel-prize winning authors. In the first case, I feel all of their work ends up pretty similar to each other because they get complacent and also because their agents push them to get new work published. I also feel like once an author has a big enough name they become “too big to fail” and their works will continue to be published simply because of their household name even if the content isn’t high quality. I seldom read these authors unless the book description really captivates me. Nobel-prize winners, on the other hand, have earned their status, their works have important global themes with inspiring and new ways of thinking, and have gone a long way to changing the world for the better.

What are your favorite ways of picking new books to read? Perhaps you relate to many of the above or perhaps you are a member of a book club or use an app or scout out great books in other ways. Let me know!

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