Be Selfish, Be Free

One important way to free yourself is to be selfish. As an INFJ personality type, I constantly have a strong impulse to help others, even after they have made it clear they don’t want the help. It is so hard for me to accept that situation and to turn away when I know someone is headed in a self-destructive direction and I feel that I have the solution to their problems or know how they could have a higher quality of life. I have had to learn (still learning, actually) that it’s imperative to focus on yourself and what you have in your control. By focusing on improving your own life, you free yourself. And your own self-improvement can inspire others to want the same for themselves.

Has anybody else had to learn to be self-focused when their repeated offers of help to others have been turned away? It can hurt and make you feel powerless, especially when it’s people close to you like family and friends. What have you done about the situation, and has it freed you to focus more on yourself?

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