Why You Should Visit Charleston, SC

I just got back from another trip to Charleston, SC. Charleston is one of my favorite cities to visit, for many reasons. Although it attracts many visitors from near and far, there is a lot more to Charleston than cheap tourist attractions.

First is its historical relevance. Charleston played big roles in both the Revolutionary and American Civil Wars. The oldest museum in North America is the Charleston Museum, located in the heart of the city on Meeting Street. The small entrance fee is well worth the experience you get perusing the amazing exhibits. You can also tour many old houses. For example, I’ve toured the Edmonton-Alston House. Not only was the architecture interesting, but the house looks out on Fort Sumter, where the “shot heard ‘round the world” that started the Civil War, was fired. The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon is another highly historical institution that offers guided tours for a small fee. Visitors can also tour the USS Yorktown, which served as a WWII battleship/aircraft carrier. The Battery is an enjoyable part of the city to walk around. It was used as defense for the city during the Civil War.

Shoppers love Charleston! The City Market has been a venue for buying and selling produce, wares, and (more recently) souvenirs since its inception in the 1700’s. It is actually the most popular tourist destination in the city! There you can also buy sweet grass baskets, for which the Gullah people of Charleston are so well-known.

Because of Charleston’s long and interesting history, there are many places there deemed to be haunted. Whether or not you buy into that sort of thing, the ghost tours available are definitely fun to experience. Angel Oak has been a beloved resident tree of Charleston for all of its 400-500 years. Many people believe they have seen the ghosts of enslaved people floating around the tree at night.

It is hard for me to keep from taking too many pictures while I am there. I find myself considering everything picture-worthy. Both the uniquely-Charlestonian architecture and the natural beauty of the ocean, lakes, marshes, gardens, Spanish moss, and wildlife are captivating. This makes Charleston a great place for professional and amateur photographers, alike!

If you’re into outdoorsy activities, the city has many islands with beach access for enjoying the water. Paddleboarding, kayaking, boating, bicycling, swimming and fishing are all popular sports here.

One thing everybody can agree on enjoying is food. Charleston is known for their soul food and seafood. Bessenger’s BBQ, Swig and Swine, Hyman’s Seafood, and Charleston Crab Shack are some of my favorites.

Every time I go back to Charleston there is more to see and do. It truly is a magical city, and I would highly recommend it to anyone, as it has something for everyone to enjoy.

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