How to Get Out of Your Own Head

I find it incredibly difficult to keep from obsessing about certain issues or from overthinking. Mostly they are thoughts based on fear of the future and regrets from the past. I know I am far from alone and decided I would share some of the tips I use to help me stop the cycle.

I keep myself busy. It is when I’m idle that I have time to overthink and obsess. My mind fills in the free time by bringing to the forefront of my attention something negative and bothersome. And actually accomplishing things often makes me realize just how insignificant and unproductive those pestering thoughts are.

I think about what I’m grateful for. It might sound cheesy, but this never fails to make me feel better about my circumstances. When I realize I have it better than a lot of people and I think about all the times in my life when things could have gone a lot worse but didn’t, it helps calm me and puts things into better perspective.

I connect with my environment and what’s going on around me. This helps bring me into the present instead of allowing me to continue remembering negativity from the past or worrying about the future. Going for a walk or getting lost in a good movie are two activities that help me remain in and enjoy the present.

I write down my thoughts. That way, I can process them later when I have gotten a break from thinking about them. It’s like making a promise to myself that just because I’m not rehashing them now doesn’t mean I’m letting go of them for good. Sometimes, when I come back to them, they seem silly, unimportant, and not worthy of further consideration.

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions of things that work for you!

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