Discussion on Dreams

Dream interpretation is a study that began in the late 1800’s by Sigmund Freud. Although it is highly popular even today, it also seems to be something of a pseudoscience and is not backed up by peer- reviewed research. However, it’s still fun to analyze one’s dreams and to see how their supposed meanings might line up with one’s life experiences. Do you find yourself often having the same dreams or same type of dream? I can definitely say that I do. I’ll share some recurrent dreams I have and what they mean according to commonly-accepted dream interpretation.

I have a recurring dream of being chased. I am usually being chased by an unidentified person. As a child, I had an incredibly terrifying dream of being chased by an alien who had landed his UFO nearby. I was only able to run in slow motion. I always wake up right before my pursuer catches me. Being chased in a dream is considered to be a sign that you are running away from a person or an issue in your real life.

I have a recurring dream of being in an elevator. Of getting off one elevator and getting on another. Of going both up and down. Elevators in dreams typically depict how we feel we are doing in life. Going up means we feel we’re progressing, while going down means we feel we’re failing.

I have many recurring dreams specifically relating to events in my life. I have a recurring dream of my mom being nonchalant when something major is happening. I have had these dreams since I was a young child. For example, in one of them, my entire family is in an elevator taking us down to Hell and my mom is very blasé with a flat affect. In reality, my mother put up with a lot from my father, rarely stood up for herself or me, and I was raised in a very strict religious household where ending up in Hell after death was a very real fear. Food is a major theme in my dreams and also something I struggle with significantly in my everyday life for over 20 years. I have a recurring dream of being back in college and late for a class or showing up to the wrong classroom. Being late in a dream can mean you’re worried about missing out on a life opportunity. I have a recurring dream of my family being closer and of getting along with relatives I haven’t spoken with in years. I have a recurring dream of being back in better times with old friends and in a job I liked better than the one I currently have, when I had a much fuller, happier life. Dreaming about the past is a way of attempting to process certain emotions from the past, such as grief and shame, that we have failed to acknowledge.

I have a recurring dream of being lost in a large building (hospital, mall, hotel) or a parking garage. Sometimes instead of being lost, I am simply wandering around. Being lost in a dream often means we feel lost in our lives, unsure of what direction to take.

I have a recurring dream of driving off a bridge into water. Having this dream often signifies an inability to process negative emotions, which results in failure to progress in life.

Do you have any recurring dreams? Have you researched what they mean? Have their meanings given you a glimpse into any unprocessed emotional baggage in your life?

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