Ten Thoughts You Need to Immediately Stop Entertaining

These are ten thoughts you need to immediately stop thinking if you want to feel peace and lightness and be successful in life.

1. Stop assuming you know what other people are thinking. Don’t assume you know or understand what’s in their heads. Ask them. Communicate. Be assertive. Don’t assume you can know what’s in someone else’s head without asking them.

2. Stop assuming things will go wrong. Don’t have a defeatist attitude. Don’t turn your destiny into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Think positively, prepare thoroughly, and don’t make yourself miserable thinking of what could go wrong.

3. Stop worrying about pleasing other people. Be respectful and courteous, but follow your own bliss. Live for yourself. Those who are meant to be in your life will not expect you to be miserable for them.

4. Stop focusing on the negative instead of the positive. A lot of things in life suck, but life is also beautiful! Pursue the beautiful and minimize or ignore the “suck” where and when you can.

5. Stop believing your thoughts and emotions reflect the truth. Your thoughts and emotions can change by the second and are impermanent. They’re not reliable. Don’t dwell on them.

6. Stop taking things personally. Most people aren’t trying to hurt you. Many people don’t even think about you at all. And most of the time it simply doesn’t matter what they think, anyway. There’s probably not a massive conspiracy against you.

7. Stop trying to control everything. Life comes at you fast. It can be unpredictable and shocking. Hang on for the ride and be flexible. It’ll hurt less every time it crashes. And those who adapt are those who persevere.

8. Stop thinking you’re always right. You’ll be surprised how much you don’t know, how many other perspectives there are, how many illegitimate thoughts you allowed to sway your emotions and your actions.

9. Stop comparing your situation to other people’s. Other people have different upbringings, histories, frames of reference, and circumstances. No two people have the exact same advantages and disadvantages in life. Do the best you can with the cards you’re dealt.

10. Stop being hard on yourself. Talk to yourself kindly. Encourage yourself. Uplift yourself. Never stop trying to do good for yourself every day. If you screw up, start over.

I try to apply these tips every day to my thought life. I fail often; however, I do believe following them will lead to a happy, less stressful life.

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