Boggled Blogger? How I Generate Blog Ideas

It can be difficult at times to generate ideas as a blogger. I have already experienced writer’s block several times even though I haven’t had my blog a full year yet. It seems weeks or months can go by without much inspiration, but then it all hits me at once and I have several ideas for blog posts. It’s feast or famine. Sometimes I’ll have half-finished or just-started blog posts that need to be fleshed out sitting in the drafts folder for a while. I figured it would be helpful for other bloggers to write a post divulging how I come up with ideas.

I read other bloggers’ posts on the topic of idea generation. This has helped me write posts before, and the ideas I get from them can lead to other ideas.

I write about what I know. If I am knowledgeable about a subject, I feel motivated and qualified to write about it.

I write about what interests me and what I want to know more about. Epiphanies about yourself, others, and the world can occur from writing about a topic.

I write about what bothers me. It can help to see if the same things that bother me, bother others. It can help me define for myself exactly why and what about it bothers me by writing it out. It’s cathartic.

I write about what many don’t want to write about. There are topics many would probably like to discuss on their blogs and about which they have strong feelings, but they feel uncomfortable because of the topic.

I write about the topics I enjoy reading about. If I enjoy blogs about a certain topic or written in a certain format, it stands to reason there are others out there that do, also. Reading about topics I want to write about can help me find a different perspective on the topic, something that wasn’t plumbed very deeply or at all, that I feel is important.

I write about current events and other relevant topics. If there’s something going on, whether an event, a movement, a trend, a controversy, or a cultural shift, I write about it if I feel I am informed enough to do so and have strong enough feelings on the topic.

I write about things that make me stand out/make me somewhat different from other people. We all have traits about us that make us unique. We can learn to expand our minds and embrace different perspectives by hearing from people different from us.

I write about my weaknesses and mistakes. It helps me process my grief surrounding them as well as encourage others who might be feeling like failures.

I sleep on it. If I’m having trouble thinking of an idea, sometimes I’ll wake up with a good one on my mind.

I take a long, relaxing shower. Something about showers aid in creativity and idea-generation for a lot of people, and I’m one of them.

I change my surroundings. Going out into nature, going for a drive, and traveling are all good ways to stimulate the creative juices.

I use mind mapping. Mind mapping is the act of combining two different topics into one and seeing where they intersect, what further knowledge can be gleaned or perspective can be taken by combining them.

Let me know if any of these ideas have worked for you or if you have any to add! Happy writing!

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