Starting a Postcard Collection

Deltiology is the study and collection of postcards. I have been playing with the idea of starting a collection, myself, although I’ve considered myself a minimalist for eight years now. As a child, I collected stickers, stationery, beanie babies, troll dolls, and My Little Ponies. However, I haven’t been a collector of anything in several years, especially anything non-consumable (for example, I have several bottles of different nail polish colors).

Some people collect postcards that have been sent to them by others. Some collect antique postcards they happen to find while browsing antique shops or specifically set out to find by browsing eBay or other online sites. Others enjoy collecting postcards from a specific niche or subject area, such as funny postcards or postcards that showcase teddy bears.

Still others enjoy collecting postcards from their own travels as mementos from the trips. It is a goal of mine to travel more frequently (I know I am hardly alone in this), and I think it would be a neat idea to write travel memories on the back of postcards I find during those travels. Although postcards aren’t the most unique travel souvenir, it’s not surprising why so many people collect them. They are easy to find, cheap, light, compact, and can be easily stored or displayed. They could also act as an homage to my love of writing.

Do you have any collections that are special to you? Why did you decide to collect what you collect?

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