Tried & True Life Tips I’ve Picked Up *Updated December 2019*

I’ve picked up some life tips here and there that have made my life easier/less expensive/etc. I will probably come back to this post and add to it as I gain more.

Off the top of my head:

I have found that taking a couple tablespoons of raw, organic apple cider vinegar a couple times a day when you feel you’re coming down with a cold help stave it off or make it far shorter. Taking it in apple juice is much more pleasant than in water or alone. It just tastes like strong apple juice. I use to keep a cold for a month or more, but those days are over.

Use a piece of denim to clean/sharpen the blade on a disposable razor (moving the razor against the denim in the opposite way you do when shaving) for 12-20 strokes. Doing this, I’ve been using the same disposable razor blade for two years and always get a safe, close shave.

Use toothpaste (not gel) and paper towels to clean car headlights. Smear the toothpaste all over the lens, then use wet paper towels (or cloth rag) to clean it off. The headlights will be much less foggy and make driving with them a lot safer.

Use white vinegar in place of fabric softener. It’s cheaper, better for the environment, and better for your health. Scented fabric softeners are a known leading carcinogen and pollutant. Best of all, white vinegar works just as well as any commercial fabric softener!

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