The Effect Sun and Heat Have on Me

It’s been a very hot summer this year, even in areas that typically have moderate summers. Is anyone else intensely affected by sunshine and heat? When I am in the sun and heat for very long at all, I end up with a lot of ill effects. The other day I was out in it for a couple of hours (part in the sun/part in the shade). For hours afterwards, I had a headache, was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open and my head up, and felt nauseated (like I was going to throw up). I took some Tylenol, got a hot shower, laid down, and slowly began feeling better.

Looking back, there are some things that I felt contributed to it. I wasn’t wearing a hat, which would have kept me cooler. I didn’t drink enough fluids, and what I did drink was sugary lemonade. I also played basketball for about half the time I was outside, and I’m sure the physical exertion made the intensity of the heat worse.

I have been dangerously close to heat stroke in the past. When I was a child, one summer I visited family friends with my mother. I ended up getting very sick. My mother brought me in from playing outside, gave me fluids, then Dramamine, and I slept for 10-12 hours, after which I felt much better. Eight years ago, I was at a Memorial Day festivity. The sun was out and I let myself get overheated and dehydrated. I became very confused, started slurring my words, and actually felt chilled. We made it to the car and air conditioning just in time, but I know I was very close that time to having 911 called.

Do you feel you are more intolerant of the sun and heat than others? What tips and tricks have you found that help? I definitely think seeking shade, not doing strenuous activity, staying hydrated, and wearing a floppy-brimmed hat are important.

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